Ecotourism in Iberá Marshes

Adventure Tourism in the Wetlands

BioIBERA is the first company dedicated exclusively to the unconventional and specially designed tourism in the estuaries of the Iberá. We ensure our customers to have the best excursions service due to our constant capacitation, implementation of new tools and the creation of new circuits.

Die Sonne geht unter und die Vögel kehren zu ihren Schlafplätzen zurück. Bilder wie diese wiederholen sich tagtäglich im Iberá

Besides of the common excursions (boat travels, walkings and nocturne safaries), we make unconventional outgoings, like travels in SUV, photographic tours, birdwatching and photography's counseling; always taking care of the quality that have characterized us through all these years.

Founded and constituted by guides and native foresters, we have more than 15 years experience working with people of all over the world, showing the best we have, not only the nature, but also culture:
our guaraní legacy of the ancesters that inhabitated this land, our anthem: the chamamé; and our personality, peaceful but perseverant and with our good predisposition at any time.

We want to thank to the team of foresters of the Provincial Nature Reserve of Iberá, who were the first link of this long chain that is ongoing, and especially to the forester Anita Cufré who collaborated unconditionally to make true this project long time ago.

We also thank to the photographers and lovers of the nature who gave their photographic material, of vital importance to extend the information in the texts.

Pedro Piedrabuena:
Native forester and guide. Expert in guaraní  language and popular local legends, inheritance of his life in the country with his parents. Deep knower of native plants and their medicinal uses.

Rodri Fracalossi:
Expert guide and photographer. Lover of the nature and animals, especially of birds; he dedicates to lead birdwatchers and photographers. Published several articles of nature in magazines and websites, and also participated in workshops, national and international fairs.