Ecotourism in the Ibera Marshes


Der enorme, geöffnete Mund des Kaimans bedeutet nicht, dass er uns jeden Moment auffressen wird, sondern dass seine Körpertemperatur ansteigt und er ein wenig Kühlung braucht. Wie alle Reptilien produziert der Kaiman keine eigene Körperwärme, sondern gewinnt diese von den äusseren Umständen.

The Yacare is a reptile which belongs to caimans’ family, different from crocodiles’ family for having the fourth lower tooth hidden under the upper jaw; for wider skull and nasal openings separated by a partition (in the crocodile are merged).
It feeds main lyon fishes, like Piranhas, birds and snails. Ital so eats dead mammals (capivaras, deers, caws and horses). The highest activity is recorded on spring/summer, during and after the dusk.
They reach a maximum length of 3 meters. But the irgrow this verys low, so it is hard tosee them at this size.
There are 2 species, the Spectacle Caiman and the Broad-Snouted Caiman. On the boat tours is more common is more easy to see the first one, because it lives preferably in big lakes, while these condone prefers small streams and swamps. Both species were very chased for skin few years ago.