Ecotourism in the Ibera Marshes

Howler Monkey

Dank ihren Schwänzen können sich die Brüllaffen sehr geschickt im Wald fortbewegen um sich mit Früchten, zarten Sprossen sowie Wasser, welches in den Bromelien gespeichert wird, zu verpflegen.

AlsocalledCaraya in Guaranilanguage. Itsname comes fromthestrongroarthattheymakeaerly in themorning and at dusk in ordertomarkterritory and it can be Heard severalkilometersaway. Thereis a cleardifferencebetween males (black and big) and females/youngs (yellow). Theirdietisbasedonleaves, fruits and flowers.
Theyformgroups of 10-12 individualsapproximatelycomposed of a alphamale, severalfemales and theirbabies. In the Ibera, a notable featureisthateach of theseclansoccupies a wholeforest.
Theperiods of activity are aroundnoon in winter, and duringthemorning and evening in summer, when temperaturas are more pleasant.