Ecotourism in the Ibera Marshes


Die Jungtiere des Wasserschweins weichen in deren ersten Lebenswochen nicht von der Seite ihrer Mutter. Sie beschützt sie vor Raubtieren und säugt nicht nur ihre eigenen Jungen, sondern auch diejenigen anderer Weibchen ihrer Herde, falls dies notwendig ist.

Also named Capivara (fromGuaranilanguage). It is the largest rodent of the world, it can exceed 70 kgs. It has webbedfingers, the online locations of theears, eyes and noseonthe top of the head; and the incredible diving capacity up to 5 minutes, makeit a perfectadapted animal to aquatic life. Spends a lot of time feeding ongrasses an aquatic plants.
It reproduces quickly and can reach up to 7 babies at once, with a gestationperiod of 4-5 months.Thebirths are concentrated in late spring and earlysummer. Itis of economicimportance: itsmeatisprizedbynativepeople, whoalso use theirfattomake a medicinal oil.Butyhemainreasonforitshuntingisthe use of leather, which a lot of  clothes are made of (hats, belts, boots, handbags, wallets, and keychainsamong others).